Events and entertainment

New and immersive experience with no limits. Explore all existing VR systems: CardBoard, VR Gear, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and HoloLens.

VR on Coca Cola presentation

VR  entertainment on Coca Cola CEE conference

3D Painting

Space for everyone´s creativity

Endless space for expressing yourself. Specific objects can be imported into the virtual space according to client´s request.

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Save The Cat

Hyperreality demo

Fully immersive baance game. You will be walking real plank to save cat you can really touch. Cat can be switched for any object based on client´s request. 

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Multiplayer game

VR application with hyperreality elements

Two players game denying the paradigm that virtual reality is always individual. Game can be customized according to client´s request.

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Team-building and entertainment

mobile VR playground available for your events

Virtual stage and holography

realistic optical illusion

We create virtual stages using LED screens, mapping techniques and lighting design to achieve a realistic optical illusion. Developed specially for live broadcast.